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 In this page you can fine the most popular tourist places that visit in Latvia. There are more places to visit Latvia but there are the most popular ones. Latvia is a country of pure nature, great food and rich history and difficult history, with a visible impact from countries such as Germany, Russia, Sweden and Poland.

Visit one of the beautiful palaces in Latvia - Rundale Palace

One of the most popular tourism destination in Latvia. It is built during 1736 till 1768 and is built in baroque and Rococo style as house for duke of Kurzeme region.

Architect was the famous Russian court architect Francesko Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

Visitors to the East Corps of the Palace have open representation rooms – Golden Hall, White Hall and the Grand Gallery. The Central Corps contains the Duke's apartments, parade salons and private apartment rooms, and in the West Corps, the Duchess's apartments are fully restored. Rundāle Palace has 138 rooms.

Around the palace is a park that is a French-style garden designed by architect Rastrelli at the same time as the palace building.

Especially beautiful at the Rundals Palace is in the midst of a rose bloom, as the park holds a Rose Garden 1 ha area, which also shows the achievements of modern rose breeders.

The garden around the castle is spectacular. It is great place for walks and to take pictures.

Rundale castle in sommer

Rundale castle from garden site in summer

Rundale castle garden site in summer

Visit  Livonian Order castle - Bauska castle

Bauska castle was built in Livonia order time form 1439 till 1450 to establish dominance over Zemgale and to protect border with Lithuania and control the trading routs from Lithuania to Riga.

From 1562 Bauska castle was under control of Kurzeme and Zemgale duchy. It was changed a lot.

During the North war the castle was partly destroyed by explosion. In 1960 started the reconstruction of the castle.

Bauska castle is located between two rivers – Mūsa and Mēmele which further ahead meet and form river Lielupe. There are footpaths along the castle from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Bauska Castle

Bauska castle in summer


Cēsu castle

The most popular places in Cēsis is its castle and the old city.

Cēsis castle consists of two parts – the old and the new. The old part was built in 1214 as fortifications for Zobenbrāļu order.

The new part was built in 18th century as a manor house which was located inside the castle fortress.

In 1577 the castle was devastated from Ivana Barga army attacks

After Great North war, the castle was abandoned and locals used it as a source for stone.

New Cesu castle

Old Cesu castle

Old Cesu castle

Visit one of the beautiful city in Latvia - Sigulda

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia. There is a medieval castle, Gauja riverside with spectacular views and many active tourism options.

Especially beautiful in Sigulda is in the fall, when leaves of trees paint in different colors. Sigulda is a great place not only for the people of history, but also for families with children. Sigulda is only 50 km from Riga and the road will take only 1 hour, while Sigulda's visit usually takes a whole day.

Gauja valley in Sigulda

Sigulda serpentine-type paths

There are many trails and serpentine-type paths in the River Valley of Gauja, along which you can go walk or ride a wheel.

Serpentine path in Sigulda

The most visited museum in Latvia - Turaida castle (Sigulda)

Turaida castle is one of the oldest castles in Latvia. It was built in 1214 to strengthen German crusaders. The castle was modified many times. From the viewing tower which is 27 meter high, you can see beautiful view of Gauja riverside. That traveller to get to the top of the tower, they have to go through a narrow circular staircase.

Turaida castle tower in Sigulda

Cable car

By Sigulda cable car you can cross river Gauja from 45 m high. You will see Gauja valley, Sigulda castle and Turaida castle.

Gauja valley in Sigulda from bird fly

Sigulda bobsleigh track

Sigulda bobsleigh track was designed by Leipcig Sport Science Tehnical Center.

The construction company was Sarajeva based Yugoslavian company called Graming.

The track was opened in 1986. The length is 1200+220m.

Sigulda bobsleigh track is internationally classified as combined track with artificial ice.

Summer bobsled

If you want to enjoy speed, and adrenalin, you can get a bobsled ride on sled with wheels and expierince the 13 curves of the track.

People: 2-3

Speed: up to 85 km/h

Duration: aprox. 1 min

Availability: from May to September

Soft bobsled

People: 5Speed: 75 to 80 km/h

Duration: aprox. 60-70 sec.

Availability: from November to mid May

Sigulda adventure park Mežakaķis

It has 7 track with different difficulty levels. Each track starts on the ground and ends as a cable ride back to ground. The obstacle height can be as little as 1 meter and as high as 25 meters. All starting, middle and finish points are connected with pathways with information on the way.

Mezakakis Sigulda

Mezakakis katapult Sigulda


Visit in Latvia widest waterfall in Europe - Ventas rumba

Ventas rumba is the widest waterfall in Europe. It usually is 100 to 110 meters wide and is located in Kuldīga.

During the flood season it can reach up to 249 meters wide. The height is from 1.8 to 2 meters.

During the fish spawning when fish are crossing the waterfall, it looks like fish are flying.

Ventas rumba




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