Bus rent and freight

Our Company SIA "AD Car Experthas more than 5 years of experience in passenger and freight transportation services, which we provide with our own buspark.

Range of busses with different number of seats (8 up to 55) is available in our bus park. 

Our drivers have extensive driving experience around Latvia, the Baltic States, Europe and CIS countries.

We provide the following transportation services:

     Tours in LatviaBaltic StatesEurope and CIS countries
     Transfer from the airport to the hotel, as well as transfers to different cities
     Transport for student excursions 
     Pleasure trips- transportation for weddings, parties, sports games
     International trips and excursions
     Local Passenger transportation by bus
     Freight transport in Latvia, Europe and the CIS
     Delivery of employees to their working places.

Rent a bus with a driver with us!

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SIA"AD Car Expert", LV40103909951, Kalnciema iela 123b, Rīga,LV-1046
Mob. +37122566232, E-mail : info@busunoma.com